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Coatepeque Lake and the Volcanoe Complex.

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

By El Salvador Travelnetwork

SUP at the like is one of the most relaxing activity, very quiet areas full of magic in between tropical mountains, surf instructor available in case you want to try it for the first time.

Right in the middle of the volcanoe complex at the north-west of the country in the department of Santa Ana, this amazing volcanic huge lake was formed millons years ago after the coatepeque volcanoe eruption explotions.

In the lake you can do different activities like kayaking, boat trips, dive, jetsky, SUP and enjoy at the shore of the great meals in the different restaurant, there are a few hotels in the shore of the lake available but the area is very quiet, most visitors are just local tourism that comes during the weekends, most of the time you will find it very quiet and private, an amazing place for couple or big groups.

“The tour start at ten in the morning and the goal is to find the most amazing view of the National Park, in one side you can see the huge green lagoon at the crater, and in the other side the amazing view of Izalco volcanoe and the coatepeque lake at the end of the valle..”

Next to the lake you can visit the National park of Cerro Verde, is a natural area surounded of coffee plantations, in the top of the mountain that it was a volcanoe too there are several hike roads where you can get the most amazing view of Izalco and Santa Ana volcanoe, from there you can take hiking tours to the top of this volcanoes every day.

To visit this amazing destination we suggest to hire a guide to have availability to move around, the public transportation is complicated in the area, the guide will be able to drive you to the national park of Cerro Verde and also to drive you down to the lake to enjoy a great meal.

Spend a few nights in the lake you can decide to making it a relaxing holiday next to the lake or explore the natural enviroment and suroundings, hiking roads are available, coffee plantation trips, Santa Ana hiking tour to see the big craeter with a the green azufre lagoon at the top.

El Salvador Travel Network

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